Business features

GovDirect® facilitates reporting to government agencies such as the Australian Tax Office using a single, secure online channel reducing the complexity and cost of meeting your reporting obligations.

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Main Dashboard: shows you all of the reports your business can lodge, have started or have lodged previously. GovDirect® automatically checks your reporting obligation status and alerts you to available and overdue obligations.

Starting a Report: Shows you an example of an employee list drawn from a supported accounting system for the purposes of a Tax File Number declaration lodgement. When creating a report, GovDirect® automatically checks with the government to gather the appropriate information held about you and where a supported accounting system is used, automatically draw on the information in it to create and populate the report.

Completing a Report: Shows you an example of a Tax File Number declaration lodgement automatically populated from an accounting system. Regardless of the source of the data, GovDirect® validates the data in the report and gives you the opportunity to edit, update or amend the lodgement putting you in complete control.

Lodging a Report: Shows an example of a completed Tax File Number declaration report that is ready for lodgement. Once lodged, GovDirect® automatically retrieves an electronic receipt from the government agency for your submission.

Save time and reduce data transcription errors

Pre-fill reporting obligations directly from MYOB and other sources such as EMPDUPE files.

Save money

Prepare information faster and interact with your bookkeeper or accountant and government agencies electronically using a single, secure online system.

Reduce risk

BAS/IAS obligations and some payroll obligations are generated automatically for you when you log on.


All interactions with SBR and GovDirect servers occur over SSL encrypted connections. Your business information is encrypted and backed-up automatically in multiple locations.

Work With Your Advisor

GovDirect® allows you to work collaboratively with your bookkeeper, tax agent or accountant. Simply generate a report and save it for later review and lodgement.
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How Does it Work?

SBR works by connecting government agencies via a single gateway known as Core Services and using a globally recognised standard called eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) for data transmission. GovDirect® simply bridges the gap between SBR Core Services and you.
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Install GovDirect®

The GovDirect® client is available for Windows XP or later and uses .NET version 3.5 service pack 1. If you wish to examine system requirements and recommendations in more detail, click here.

You can install GovDirect® by clicking install. If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now.

If you require assistance with installation, please contact us at